Expert Level and Professional Know-how

JBL Management & Consulting GmbH will provide expertise’s based on a well established and sustained knowledge pool of associated Aviation Professionals and Airport Expert. These Experts will provide consulting and management services as previously defined in mutually aligned Descriptions of Work (DoW). Such support will take the form of (non-exhaustive enumeration):

  • Coaching and guidance of the customer in the Airport Design and Planning process to ensure efficiency and commercial profitability
  • Elaboration and management of the Airport Operational Readiness and Transfer of the Airport Processes (Clearance for Operation CfO)
  • Coaching, support and training of the staff for the take over and commissioning of the systems and the airport operation with a high level of performance
  • Safety assessment and commercial audits in order to maintain the operation up to date industry practice and international regulations

Airport Process Overview in brief

Airport Process Overview